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Human Services - Strategic Planning, Program Development and Evaluation for non-profits foundation local governments in San Francisco Bay Area, State of California 


Nancy and her team use quantitative and qualitative methods for large and small, single- and multi-site evaluations for public and non-profit clients. Methods include interviewing, focus groups, and surveying; as well as use of quantitative data sets. They emphasize use of existing databases where possible and raising the capacity of small agencies to participate in evaluation through simplified methods and extensive technical assistance. 



Sample of Evaluation Clients

  • StarVista, San Carlos

  • Bella Vista Foundation, SF Bay Area

  • County of Sonoma Permit & Resource Management Dept. & Fisher Town Designs,

  • California Institute for Behavioral Health Solutions

  • ChangeLab Solutions, Oakland

  • Lifelong Medical Care, Berkeley

  • Mountain Association for Community Economic Development (for CFR), Kentucky

  • Federal Adolescent Family Life Program, County of San Mateo

  • Buckelew Programs, San Rafael

  • Health Education and Training Center, Santa Clara County

  • First Five San Mateo County

  • The Caring for Asian Children Collaborative, San Francisco   

  • CompassPoint Nonprofit Services (Support Center), San Francisco

  • Jefferson Union High School District, San Mateo

  • California Office of Family Planning, Dept. Of Health Services

  • Berkeley High School Health Center

  • Women's Treatment Program, Santa Clara County Drug & Alcohol Bureau

Nancy Frank & Associates

Planning & Evaluation for Community Change

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