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Sample of
Evaluation Clients
  • StarVista, San Carlos

  • Bella Vista Foundation, SF Bay Area

  • County of Sonoma Permit & Resource Management Dept. & Fisher Town Designs,

  • California Institute for Behavioral Health Solutions

  • ChangeLab Solutions, Oakland

  • Lifelong Medical Care, Berkeley

  • Mountain Association for Community Economic Development (for CFR), Kentucky

  • Federal Adolescent Family Life Program, County of San Mateo

  • Buckelew Programs, San Rafael

  • Health Education and Training Center, Santa Clara County

  • First Five San Mateo County

  • The Caring for Asian Children Collaborative, San Francisco   

  • CompassPoint Nonprofit Services (Support Center), San Francisco

  • Jefferson Union High School District, San Mateo

  • California Office of Family Planning, Dept. Of Health Services

  • Berkeley High School Health Center

  • Women's Treatment Program, Santa Clara County Drug & Alcohol Bureau

Nancy Frank & Associates

Planning & Evaluation for Community Change

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